RSA has designed many of the significant multifamily residential projects in Southern and Central Maine. Our multifamily residential experience is broad, ranging from a nine story 139 unit concrete and steel framed high-rise apartment building to a 3 unit two story wood framed structure. Our residential clients include private developers as well as public housing authorities. We understand the range of needs for various types of residential projects and tailor our design services to each project and clients needs. Our projects include new construction as well as renovations of existing structures, each of these types offer an opportunity to provide an energy efficient building, we recognize the importance of this not only to the environment but to the owners operating costs.

667 Congress Street

Completed 2017

Bath Riverwalk

To be completed in 2016

Munjoy Heights

Completed 2015

70 South Street

Completed 2015

West End Place

Completed 2014