Yarmouth Public Works

Completed 2013

Yarmouth, Maine

  • Innovative Daylighting
  • Renewable Energy via Photovoltaic Panels
  • Heated Washbay
  • Efficient workspace

The Town of Yarmouth hired RSA to provide a masterplan for their existing Public Works Facility site as well an addition to their existing building. The functions required on site are complex and diverse, ranging from moving of heavy materials, vehicle fueling, School Bus Parking, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle washing. RSA facilitated many team meetings with various town departments and stakeholders to incorporate the numerous project goals resulting in a successful user friendly facility. The introduction of skylight roof panels into the new maintenance and wash bays created a safe, pleasant working environment for Town employees and reduced the need for artificial lighting minimizing energy consumption. Photovoltaic (Solar) panels cover the new addition roof providing a renewable energy source for the Facility.